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When you’ve experienced a fire, you’ve undergone a traumatic event that can lead to both devastating loss and intense emotional distress. After the initial shock, it can be difficult to face your new reality, especially in light of severe damage to your property. In circumstances like this, it’s important to employ fire damage restoration professionals as soon as possible. At 3T Restoration Consultant, we understand the trauma you’re experiencing and we are committed to the goal of helping you restore your home to its prior state. Let us restore your property so that you can resume your normal life, free from the worries of fire damage.

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Why Immediate Restoration is Important

Timing matters when it comes to fire damage restoration. Oftentimes, once the flames and smoke are no longer at issue, you’ll notice additional damage as well. In fact, there is a high likelihood that the fire department’s efforts to save your property have caused damaging flooding, too. Hiring a fire damage restoration company in the immediate aftermath of a fire helps you in three ways:

1. Personal Safety

Fire-damaged buildings pose many dangers. It’s unsafe and unhealthy to spend time in or around them, so you should limit your exposure as much as possible. Smoke damage is particularly harmful to your health, and the strong smell of fire can remain for months even with your best efforts to air it out. Of course, there will also be concerns about your property being structurally sound after a fire, so walking around inside could become quite harmful. Fire damaged structures become weak and can collapse with little warning. In addition, likely flood damage also means an extra layer of instability, both from a slip-and-fall perspective, and because of the possible existence of wet electrical hazards. Fire damage often leads to broken plumbing and exposed wires, which should also be avoided. You must also be wary of entering or living in a fire damaged building because all your many cleaning products that were once safe and shelf-stable have become compromised. Extreme heat can spoil many products, and it can also be problematic if multiple chemical products become mixed together and cause dangerous fumes or a chemical reaction.

2. Saving Valuables

Much depends on how quickly the fire department responded to your fire and how widespread or contained it was within the building, but it is highly likely that some of your belongings can be salvaged, cleaned and restored. It can be tempting to try to rescue your most prized items yourself, but attempting to clean them up on your own can lead to further damage – or worse, accidentally destroying an item that has financial or sentimental value.

At 3T Restoration Consultant, we take great care with your possessions, using professional cleaning methods that take into account the condition of your things. We are experienced in restoring items like jewelry and electronic equipment, meaning we can save you the heartache of losing or ruining a prized item, as well as minimizing your out-of-pocket expenses in replacing the things you will need as you work to rebuild your life after the fire.

3. Thorough, Professional Cleaning

Cleaning up on your own after a fire can be overwhelming, traumatic and expensive. Even if structural damage is minimal, the fire will have left stains and smoke damage on many surfaces, including your walls and ceilings. A professional restoration team can provide thorough and safe cleaning services, taking care of damage caused by the fire itself, by smoke and by the water that was used to put out the fire, which can pose particular difficulties when you try to mitigate the damage on your own. At 3T Restoration Consultant, we are prepared to handle each of these types of damage with efficiency, care and professionalism. We can save you time and potential expenses, and you won’t have to face the massive burden of cleaning on your own.

How We Do It: The 3T Restoration Consultant Fire Damage Restoration Process

Step 1: Assess the Damage

When we arrive at your property, we begin with an assessment of the fire damage. This includes structures on your property, as well as other possible damage in the vicinity. Once we assess the damage, we lay out the steps that will be necessary to restore your property and belongings. We present you with each step, making sure to fully explain and answer any questions you may have, and we also present an estimated cost. The assessment and estimate are provided to you free of charge.


After the assessment, we’re ready to begin the restoration process immediately. Each fire and each property is unique, but the most common restoration processes are water clean-up, stain removal and repainting. Water clean-up is typically necessary because of the large volume of water needed to put out the fire. We remove the water and dry the property out as quickly as possible in order to prevent additional damage, such as mold. In any areas where fire damage is minimal, stain removal techniques are employed. In areas of more extreme damage, repainting is often necessary.

In instances of devastating fire, it’s possible that some of your valuables and property will be damaged beyond repair. However, we make every effort to save as many of your items as possible, because we know they have value for you. Our aim is to restore so that you won’t have to replace, and we use various cleaning methods to accomplish this. In the case of minimal staining, we use a dry cleaning method where we wipe the stain with a clean mat or rug. This dry cleaning method is also effective as a pre-cleaning step for stains that will eventually require wet cleaning, which is the method we use when dry cleaning simply won’t remove a stain. If we’re cleaning an item that should not be immersed in water, we use a gentler spray-and-wipe method to minimize moisture. At times, we must resort to a more abrasive cleaning for some items, and we immerse these in professional-grade cleaning product.

Once we complete this intensive fire restoration step, you will no longer see evidence of a fire on your property.


Why Choose 3T Restoration Consultant?

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality service possible, and we do this in three ways:

1. Quick Response Time

As you assess your needs after a fire, time is of the essence. Our goal is to serve you as quickly as possible, and to do the work properly. The longer a fire damaged property sits without restoration efforts, the greater the damage to the structure and to any belongings left inside. Choosing 3T Restoration Consultant means a rapid response time, less damage to your property and a fast-track to resuming your normal life.

2. Professional Tools and Equipment

When you trust us to clean your property and personal belongings, we use the best professional tools and equipment available. This includes heavy-duty deodorizers to remove the smell of smoke, as airing out the property simply will not eliminate the fumes. In addition to handling the smell with professional-grade equipment, we will remove any associated stains, too. When we finish our work, our goal is that you will not see or smell any remaining signs of fire.

3. Expertly Trained Staff

At 3T Restoration Consultant, we believe in the importance of the work we do. That’s why we only hire the best. Our staff is professional and thoroughly trained, and our goal is always to restore your property and as many of your personal items as possible. We are committed to ensuring that your items aren’t just clean, but safe for you and your family to use. Our training and experience means your property will be restored so that it will seem as though the fire never happened. We’re proud to employ the best people, who use the best methods available to complete their work.

Restoration at its finest

When it comes to property fires, even a small flame can produce a lot of damaging smoke. It leaves behind an unmistakable odor, as well as a coating of soot and ash that can be difficult to clean on your own. Smoke can seem to penetrate every inch of your home or office, leaving a heavy odor in upholstery, carpeting, curtains, clothing, bedding and more. 3T Restoration Consultant’s smoke damage repair service is experienced in evaluating the damage and your needs, and our specially-trained staff uses professional techniques to restore your property either on-site or off-site, depending upon the item.

For on-site smoke damage restoration, we use a combination of equipment and techniques to get the job done. This includes air scrubbers, ozone treatments and thermal fogging to remove the smoke smell. In cases of extreme smoke damage, we may need to employ one or more of these techniques multiple times, but we don’t stop until the smell is successfully mitigated.

We also provide pre-cleaning services, where we use dry brushing or powerful vacuums to remove embedded ash or soot. Afterward, we complete the wet cleaning process on hard surfaces and carpet. In instances of extreme smoke damage, 3T Restoration Consultant also offers deep structural cleaning. And since fires often leave you with water damage, too, our team is specially trained to mitigate, clean and dry any traces of water in your home.

When more extensive smoke damage restoration is required for specific items, we are prepared to safely pack your items for an off-site content restoration at our professional cleaning facility. You can be assured that we take great care in transporting and handling your items.

Regardless of the type of smoke damage restoration your unique situation requires, 3T Restoration Consultant is committed to bringing you peace of mind and less stress. That’s why we go the extra mile to coordinate with your insurance company, too, so that you don’t have to. Give us a call today and we will be happy to get started on returning your smoke damaged property to its prior condition. 

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